The Difference Between Tacos and Burritos, Mexican Food Wrapped in Tortillas

The difference between tacos and burritos, Mexican food wrapped in tortillas: Tacos and burritos, two Mexican foods that both use tortillas. However, if seen from several aspects these two offerings have a number of differences.

Difference Between Tacos and Burritos

You may know or have eaten tacos that are crunchy in texture so that if you look at it, it will be very different from a soft burrito. However, classic Mexican tacos use fluffy tortillas filled with vegetables and meat like a burrito.

Tortilla Size for Tacos and Burritos

Quoting Britannica, tortillas are unleavened bread in the form of flat circles with a soft texture. Generally made from corn flour, but some are made from wheat flour.

The tortilla size for a burrito is usually about twice the size of a taco. Hence, the burrito is known as a heavy meal while the taco is a snack.

The Basic Ingredients of Tortillas

Burritos use wheat flour tortillas because they are not easily brittle. The reason is, this burrito is usually rolled very densely. Then it is cooked again, for example, baked.

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For tacos, the tortillas are cooked between baking like bread or crispy fried into chips and then filled with stuffing. So, this meal uses a corn flour tortilla.

Taco and Burrito Filling

A taco is a cornmeal tortilla folded with a filling of meat, beans, cheese and a savoury sauce.

Meanwhile, a burrito is a flour tortilla that is rolled with a filling of nuts, seasoned meat, and cheese. Usually also given sour cream and hot sauce.

Basically, you can add a variety of fillings to tacos and burritos.

Regarding this burrito, the shape is rolled tightly, so the way to eat it is easier than a taco that is just folded into a half-circle or a taco shell that is “u” shaped.

Interestingly, this burrito can be frozen. Just wrap it in aluminium foil then put it in a tightly closed plastic. If you want to eat it, just heat it in the microwave or a Teflon skillet.

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