Dining Guide at Taco Bell Indonesia, Mexican Fast Food Restaurant

Dining Guide at Taco Bell Indonesia. American fast-food restaurant that sells Mexican-style food, Taco Bell, officially opened in Indonesia on Friday.

Dining Guide at Taco Bell Indonesia

The wait for fans of Mexican-style food has finally been answered. For those of you who want to try the Taco Bell dish, here are some guidelines to make the ordering process easier.

1. The Benchmark Location for Taco Bell Jakarta

The first Taco Bell in Indonesia is located at Jalan Senopati Number 96, South Jakarta.

The location is quite strategic, in the UK. As a rule of thumb, Taco Bell is opposite Pison Coffee or Pison Jakarta when typed on a digital map.

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The parking lot at Taco Bell Senopati is fairly large, but if it is in crowded conditions you can take advantage of the restaurant’s valet parking service.

2. Take the Queue Number (if it is crowded)

The restaurant anticipates crowds of visitors, especially during the opening period by giving queue numbers.

This queue number will be given when the restaurant is full. Take the queue number at the restaurant’s front desk.

You also have to pass your temperature check to enter the restaurant.

3. Choose a Meal, Order, and Pay for a Meal Instantly

Like other fast-food restaurants in Indonesia, visitors are required to order food and pay directly at the clerk’s table.

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