Dipper Goes To Taco Bell: Full Text Explained

Dipper Goes To Taco Bell: Have you ever heard of or listened to this infamous fanfiction with the title Dipper Goes To Taco Bell? This fanfiction was one of the most trending topics at the time of its release in 2012.

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dipper goes to taco bell

In this post, we are talking about the fan-made story uploaded Gravity Falls on Fanfiction.net which is about the Taco Bell restaurants. This song is no longer available on any platform as it disappeared long ago.

Dipper Goes To Taco Bell

Dipper Goes To Taco Bell is a horror fan-fiction video song made by Gravity Falls and was uploaded somewhere in 2012.  It shows the main character “Dipper” who goes to Taco Bell with his sister “Mabel” to buy tacos from the store.

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This song received a very bad response and is considered one of the worst-fanfics ever made. This is the first infamous fanfic made by Gravity Falls. It has extremely clear and vulgar graphics which makes it even more hatable.

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Characters Of Dipper Goes To Taco Bell

These are the characters involved in this fanfiction.

  • Dipper Pines
  • Mabel Pines
  • Stanley “Stan” Pines
  • Taco Bell Cashier
  • Taco Bell Man
  • Soos

Summary of Dipper Goes To Taco Bell

The storyline of this fanfiction is not so pleasing to read and watch and contains inappropriate words. The three siblings, Dipper Pines, Mable Pines, Stan Pines, want to go out to diner. Stan wants to take his two siblings, Dipper and Mable to the diner. However, Dipper drops out of the plan, making only Stan and Mable go to the diner.

dipper goes to taco bell video

Dipper Pines craves some Mexican food and goes alone to the Taco Bell restaurant in the woods. He places an order of Tacos from the restaurant and eats it. After finished eating the Tacos, he gets diarrhea and goes to the bathroom. The storyline after that is pretty disgusting and may not be good to explain in detail. To keep it short, and simple, he dies of heavy bleeding in the bathroom with his shit all over the place.

dipper goes to taco bell song

Then, Dipper’s sister, Mable comes to the Taco Bell by co-incidence. She feels an urge to use the bathroom and ends up seeing his brother dead. A guy comes to the bathroom and kills Mable. He then, turn them into pieces of meat and places them in the restaurant’s kitchen.

Soos comes to the Taco Bell restaurant and orders for a Taco. Unknown to the horrible human meat present in the Tacos, the Taco Bell cashier gives the order of Tacos which Soos eats in the end. Urrggh!!! This fanfiction is removed from all the websites officially. However, some have still re-uploaded this story.


That was all about the horrible fanfiction and one of the worst fanfiction ever made till now. Many users have reported this story and it was removed in 2015. The story again made its appearance online but was then removed again in 2018. We suggest not to read this fanfiction as it is really annoying and unpleasing. For more related posts, visit TelltheBell.

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