How to Build your own Cravings Box with the Taco Bell app?

How to Build your own Cravings Box with the Taco Bell app? As per the recent reports, it is clear that Taco bell giving an opportunity to build your own carvings box at $5 filling the customer-selected ingredients. One more thing every customer must know is this option is available exclusively only for the taco bell beta members who were active enough over the taco bell app. Apart from this, Taco Bell is also providing the Chalupa carvings box.

This is what includes a 5-layered burrito, delicious taco, a small drink, and also Cinnamon Twists. Subsequently, if you have been observed you’re going to find out the $5 nacho box offered in the Taco bell outlets. But recently as per the reports, Taco Bell is bringing you the free chalupa carvings box which made it a bit more interesting to all the Taco bell fans. If you are already a Taco bell customer, can get and claim rewards that result in providing your favorite items at a discount price.

Build your own Cravings Box

But if you are new to Taco Bell, were suggested to register initially at the Taco bell app to get your favorite items at a discounted price. Not just these, there is one more yummiest carvings box so-called free Nacho fries box that includes a crunchy taco, a beefy 5-layered burrito, nacho fries, and a medium-sized drink. Hence it is time to learn all the carvings boxes are available at the Taco bell which is shared just below.

How to Build your own Cravings Box with the Taco Bell app?

Recently the Taco bell announced that they are introducing a build your own carvings box at the price of $5 filling out completely your favorite items. But the most important fact is that the build your carvings box option is available only for the beta members who are on the Taco Bell app.

Thus the name builds your own cravings box name captured the Taco bell fans attention too. Probably many people were aware and few not. People who all are unaware of it, let me explain to you in detail what exactly it is. All the customers who prefer to build their own carvings box will initially select their favorite items and fill the same accordingly.

taco bell carvings box

The Special items like the crunchy supreme, Chalupa Supreme, side dish choices like nacho cheese/ cinnamon twists/ chips/ any. Starters like a soft taco, bean and cheese taco, a beefy 5-layered burrito, fountain drinks, and many more. This way one can easily build their own carvings bo and enjoy having the same of every single byte. This is all about the box build your own cravings available in the Taco Bell app.

What is the $10 Taco bell build your own cravings Box?

This is one more interesting query searched by lots of Taco bell customers. Before learning what exactly it is, let me tell you this Taco bell $10 carvings box is now available irrespective of location nationwide. All it is going to include creamy cheese, nacho cheese sauce, beef, sour cream, nacho cheese sauce, four crunchy tacos, four beefy five-layer burritos too were perfectly included in it. Hence filling the $10 taco bell carvings box is also up to the customer’s choice.

What is the Taco Bell $5 Nacho Box?

Well, the $5 Nacho Box is back after the long break. Now it is available for only a limited period of time at certain locations nationwide. So, hurry up!! If you like to have one, visit today and get it now.

Does Taco Bell change the $5 box? When? 

Yes, Taco bell changes the $5 box after every 6 weeks. All it known as experiences and the new ideas the taco bell introduce and implement.

taco bell $5 box 2021

As per the recent reports, what is the Taco bell New Item?

Missouri which is located at the place Kansas City is going to bring the Taco bell new burritos, which are available in two different versions. Thus the name of the new item is a $1 loaded taco primo burrito featured with the delicious items like crunchy red strips, seasoned beef, reduced sour cream which is fat-less, and also the cheddar cheese which is in the flour tortilla.

Why these days are Taco bell removing many Items?

Till now if you have been observed the Taco bell has removed over dozen items only this year. This is all happened because of severe pandemic situations taking place nationwide. Due to this, we can say people’s tastes and preferences might get changed and everyone is well satisfied and equally happy seeing the happening of changes over the Taco bell outlets.

What is the Healthiest Menu introduced in Taco Bell?

You may be excited to learn about the healthiest menu available in the Taco bell locations. Right? Without making any delay let’s learn the healthiest menu items which were added to the Taco Bell menu. Here we go.

  • Soft and tasty taco.
  • Bean burrito
  • Power menu bowl veggie.
  • Grilled breakfast burrito.
  • Spicy Tostada.
  • Beefy mini Quesidella
  • Chicken Taco which is soft and tasty.
  • Black bean sides

These are some delicious items added to the Taco Bell menu costs affordable.

Do Taco Bell Chalupa Healthy?

Other than the above items, many people had a doubt whether the Taco bell box Chalupa is healthy or not. Yes, it is healthy. The box includes the items like lettuce, three cheese blend, black beans, reduced-fat sour cream too. Hence this is considered the best companion to other menu items. Overall the whole box is filled with many more nutrients hence turning the same into healthier.

What’s going to be present in the Chalupa Box?

All the Chalupa box is going to include the items like chalupa supreme, fountain drink, a beefy 5-layer burrito, cinnamon twists, and a crunchy taco too. All the items filled into a whole box are completely healthier and tasty too.

chalupa carvings box


AS per my guess, the details related build your own cravings box shared here were understandable. Other than these, if you like to know more about Taco Bell, mention it in the followed comment section. As soon we see will update the content that may help you to learn about the Tabo bell more clear. Anyhow for more details get back to the Tellthebell site by which can learn many more new things shared over this platform clearly.


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