Taco Bell Grows 44% in Sales in the First Year of its Expansion Plan

Taco Bell grows 44% in sales in the first year of its expansion plan: Taco Bell España, a Mexican-inspired fast food concept has confirmed the success of the agreement signed between Casual Brands Group (CBG), the only franchisee, and Yum! Brands and that has been reflected in a 44% growth in sales, linked both to the increase in comparables and to the achievement of 20% of the plan.

The expansion plan involves the investment by CBG of a total of 40 million euros in the opening of 50 new restaurants of the American firm, between 2016 and 2020, together with the planned creation of nearly 1,000 direct jobs in chain restaurants.

Taco Bell grows 44% in sales in the first year of its expansion plan

The strategy has also led to the creation of more than 200 direct jobs this year. With these openings, the American firm adds a total of 31 restaurants and approximately 600 employees in our country, since its arrival in 2008 at the hands of CBG, the catering division of the conglomerate of companies Netco Investment, belonging to the family of Ramón Mora- Figueroa.

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This trajectory positions CBG as one of the largest Taco Bell franchisees at an international level and the 5th franchise group of international brands in the market.

María José Michavila, CEO of Casual Brands Group has stated: “The objectives set in the strategic plan have been achieved thanks to the commitment and effort of the entire Taco Bell team. Values ​​as important to our group as the innovation of the concept, the correct selection of our equipment, and continuous training, have been fundamental to achieve this. Likewise, during this growth phase, constant collaboration with Taco Bell Internacional has been crucial ”.

Taco Bell of expansion, together with its commitment to innovation, has also been recognized internationally at the Taco Bell FRANMAC Convention, held in Las Vegas. In it, CBG was awarded as Franchisee of the Year 2015, being the first international Taco Bell franchisee to receive this award. Further updates to follow Tellthebell.ninja for the more latest news on the taco bell store.

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