Taco Bell Incorporates Meat-like Veggie Ingredients

Taco Bell incorporates meat-like veggie ingredients: Taco Bell was a pioneer in offering options for the vegetarian customer, since they have always been able to enjoy “Veggie” alternatives substituting protein ingredients of animal origin for rice and beans, in all their products.

The chain wanted to go further with a revolutionary proposal. After an exhaustive product testing process and keeping in mind the latest market trends, it now offers another alternative with 100% vegetarian ingredients, but with texture and a close to meat appearance. This new product is a delicious blend of oatmeal, beans, and peas, cooked with juicy sauce and marinated with Taco Bell’s secret spices.

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The options are certified as vegetarian by the American Vegetarian Association (AVA) and this is the first time that the company will have the vegetarian menu highlighted in restaurants in Spain so that the customer can choose their options more clearly.

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“At Taco Bell we have always been a safe alternative for vegetarians because we can offer all our products in their veggie version, but many people are unaware of it”, according to María José Michavila, general director of the company in Spain. “This new initiative to personalize the menu represents Taco Bell’s commitment to our consumers.”

Taco Bell incorporates meat-like veggie ingredients

The organized restaurant chain currently has 53 Mexican-inspired restaurants in 15 Spanish provinces. The brand arrived in Spain at the hands of Restabell Franquicias, a company belonging to Casual Brands Group (CBG), and, from its inception, it revolutionized the way of understanding this restaurant chain by adapting it to the profile of the Spanish customer.

Its product innovation has been constantly reflected in benchmark launches that have become top sales, such as Quesarito, Triple Double Crunchywrap, Chicken 2.0. Desserts that have become icons of their category, such as Chocadilla or Taco Lupita and products to share, such as Nachos Fire. Stay in touch with Tellthebell.ninja for more latest updates on Taco Bell news.

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