What is Tacobell Feedthebeat is about? Full Details!

Tacobell Feedthebeat is all about helping the fans to discover new and latest bands and vice versa. If you have been seen, from the year 2006, the Taco Bell feed the beat program helped many supporting more than 1900+ bands/ artists respectively. The process has been continued even till today.

Along the entire way, helped the fans in discovering new bands and at the same time, bands started discovering new fans in an excellent way. The entire program came forward to support the starts in terms of feeding tourism musicians undergoing with around $500 Taco Bell survey gift cards.

tacobell feedthebeat

Thus it is clear that no strings were attached at all. All their motive is to be continued being the same. Like offering free food, great music. This is all considered as the wonderful program so-called Feed the Beat. Besides this, there are many more interesting details. Without wasting our time, let’s head over to the same.

What is Tacobell Feedthebeat is about? Full Details!

Tacobell Feedthebeat is considered the best program where fans do discover new bands and bands discover new fans. All the brand’s passion encountered for supporting artists’ discovery and supporting them equally is not going to stop with the free food. All this entire program going to boosts the various artists by encouraging them to give or participate in the stage events all around the country.

Featuring music in national television commercials and at the same time never compromised in providing the amplification via taco bell’s social presence. Anyhow as per the year 2019, the spring feed the beat lineup has been announced.

tacobell feed the beat

As per it, there are 100 artists who had lined up. Taco bell strongly attempts to believe that both the power of music and championship artists is now on the rise. This is the main reason why Taco bell always opens the submissions and provides the musicians a great opportunity to become part of Taco bell’s feed the beat program.

How the TacoBell FeedtheBeat is going to Work?

We all know there are lots of tunes or music that have been submitted. Hence just by reviewing and listening to the music who completely has awareness of it can apply for it. After the complete review, around 100 artists were selected in the year 2019. But more recently, in the same way, there are many other artists too who have been selected. Thus the list of Tacobell Feetthebeat artists is as listed below.

  • 4ternity
  • A Light Divided
  • A Vi Va
  • Aaron Carpenter
  • Aaron West & The Roaring Twenties
  • Alex Kautz
  • Alex Mc Artor
  • Alien Boy
  • Altopalo
  • Atwood
  • Avenue Beat
  • Bad Child
  • Benee
  • Capstan
  • Carver Commodore
  • Champs
  • Chong The Nomad
  • Christian French
  • Church Girls
  • Creature Comfort
  • Crx
  • Dentist
  • Destroy Boys
  • Disq
  • Dorian Electra
  • Elle Winter
  • Feet
  • Fire From The Gods
  • Good Girl
  • Goon
  • Goth Babe
  • Grant Gilbert
  • Herizen
  • Hit Like A Girl
  • Honey Cutt
  • Hot Mulligan
  • I Dont Know How But They Found Me
  • Ian Noe
  • Isaac Dunbar
  • Jessy Wilson
  • John K
  • Jordan Hollywood
  • Juj
  • Kai Straw
  • Kid Quill
  • Lala Lala
  • Lewis Blissett
  • Limbo
  • Little Hurt
  • Living Hour
  • Lookas
  • Luthi
  • Macseal
  • Maddie Ross
  • Madison Cunningham
  • Maisie Peters
  • Maliboux
  • Mindchatter
  • Mojave Nomads
  • Motherfolk
  • Naïka
  • New Dialogue
  • Nick Howard
  • Njomza
  • Ona
  • Palm Springsteen
  • Peach Pit
  • Pom Pom Squad
  • Public
  • Raffaella
  • Reyna
  • Rose Dorn
  • Rubikon
  • Ryan Griffin
  • Slow Hollows
  • Slow Pulp
  • Smle
  • Smooth Hound Smith
  • Social House
  • Surfaces
  • Tallies
  • The Band Camino
  • The Cuckoos
  • The Harmaleighs
  • The Jack Moves
  • The Marias
  • Trash Boat
  • The Rad Trads
  • Tyler Braden
  • The Reasn
  • The Seshen
  • Tyler Rich
  • The Sherlocks
  • Tolliver
  • Ultra Q
  • Valley
  • Vaines
  • Wstr
  • We Were Sharks
  • Young Bombs

These are the latest lineups who were selected to be a part of the TacoBell FeettheBeat program.


I hope the details shared here were clear and understandable. IF you like to learn more details, stay back with the tellthebell anytime as per your need or requirement.

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