The Taco Bell Chain Enters from this Thursday to the Battle of the Breakfasts with the ‘Waffle Taco’

The Taco Bell chain enters from this Thursday to the battle of the breakfasts with the ‘Waffle Taco’: It will serve breakfast from 7 to 11 in the morning. It thus competes with other chains. Its flagship product is the Waffle Taco. From this Thursday, the fast-food chain Taco Bell will enter the breakfast battle between several of its competitors, such as McDonald’s.

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The American version of taco restaurants will serve breakfast starting at seven in the morning, and their star will be the product that has been testing for almost a year: the Waffle Taco. The breakfast menu will be served between seven and eleven in the morning, although in some locations it will start earlier.

Change in menu

The company claims it’s the biggest menu change since its inception half a century ago. Since last May he has been testing various products, and his main bet is the Waffle Taco, a waffle with meat, eggs, bacon, and sweet syrup.

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It will also offer more traditional products in the chain, made from a wheat flour tortilla. The menu will be offered in 5,500 restaurants in the country (it has about 6,000). The campaign is part of Taco Bell’s expansion plans, which plans to have 2,000 more locations by 2022.

The new offering comes in a context in which the other fast-food chains, led by McDonald’s, have begun offering breakfast to attract more customers. Stay connected with for the latest news on the Taco Bell store.

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