What is Fresco Style at Taco Bell?

What is Fresco Style at Taco Bell? What did you notice while conducting tellthebell survey? Fresco style is what you get when you order a burrito supreme, chicken soft taco, or any other item at Taco Bell with just the sauce and cheese on them.

For many years, this was what people would order if they wanted to eat healthier than what most fast-food chains offer. That has changed in recent years as items like the Double Chalupa have come out.

What is Fresco Style at Taco Bell

If you want to learn more about what fresco style is, how it’s different from regular tacos, and what some of the benefits are for ordering Fresco over regular tacos then keep reading!

What is Fresco Style at Taco Bell?

Fresco Style at Taco Bell is a healthier option for those looking to enjoy their Mexican food. The ingredients are all fresh and the meal is prepared without frying.

burrito supreme fresco style

There are three Fresco Style items on the menu: Burrito Supreme, Chicken Soft Taco, and Beef Gordita Supreme. All of these items can be ordered as part of a combo meal, or ala carte. Apart from this, let’s now keep more focus on What is Fresco Style at Taco Bell.

What is Fresco Style at Taco Bell?

In a nutshell, what you’re getting with fresco style is a burrito supreme or chicken soft taco that has been wrapped in a tortilla and then covered in pico de gallo. The toppings are what make it different from other tacos on the menu.

What’s more, there’s no rice…just beans! Taco Bell offers two choices for your protein: grilled chicken or steak.

chicken soft taco fresco style

When you order a Burrito Supreme Fresco Style, what they’ll do is take away the sour cream and cheese from the inside of the burrito so that it’s not as heavy or fatty. You can still have your pick of meat if you want to go with beef instead of chicken. In place of those ingredients, you’ll get a scoop of pico de gallo. They do the same thing with the chicken soft taco, just minus the cheese and sour cream.

healthiest taco bell items

The Beef Gordita Supreme Fresco Style is a bit different because you don’t have to order it without anything inside – they automatically leave out the cheese and sour cream so that it’s fresco-style.

crunchy taco fresco style

Hence What is Fresco Style at Taco Bell? The Fresco Style menu items are what makes Taco Bell one of the healthiest fast food options on the market today.


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