Why did Taco Bell Get Rid of Potatoes?

Why did Taco Bell Get Rid of Potatoes? Taco Bell recently announced that they would be no longer serving potatoes in their Tellthebell.com Survey Store.

But why?

Why did Taco Bell Get Rid of Potatoes

This article will discuss why Taco Bell got rid of potatoes and why this decision might have been a good idea for the company.

Why Did Taco Bell Get Rid of Potatoes?

The first question many people ask is why did Taco Bell get rid of potatoes? The answer to this question is not clear-cut, but there are a few reasons why it may have happened.

One reason could be because customers wanted healthier options on their menu so they removed the fried potato option from their menu to make room for other items that were more healthy, such as salads or even Taco Burrito Bowls with brown rice instead of white.

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Another reason could be that fries are seen as being unhealthy due to the frying process.

Taco Bell also probably did not want to continue charging so much for potatoes, especially after the price of potatoes went up by about 20% in 2016 due to a potato shortage that occurred because of an outbreak of late blight disease affecting the crops used for french fries and other products made from potatoes.

Now, Why Would Taco Bell Get Rid of Potatoes If They’re Seen as Being Unhealthy?

It is possible that Taco Bell realized that they could not win the battle against public opinion when it comes to fries. After all, people know that french fries are typically unhealthy and contain a lot of fat and sodium.

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Taco Bell likely decided that instead of continuing to serve fries and risking public backlash, they would remove them from the menu altogether. Dropping potatoes was likely also a strategic business decision for Taco Bell.

Why did Taco Bell Get Rid of Potatoes? – Focusing on Healthier Items

The company could be looking to focus more on healthier items in order to appeal to a larger audience, especially since fast-food chains like McDonald’s are starting to offer more healthy options.

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In addition, people have been eating fewer potatoes for years because of health concerns and a shift in preference toward foods that are higher in protein such as chicken or beef rather than fried potato products.


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